About Our Technicians
Whether you are in need of Teleprompter equipment or a technican, all Lawson Media Associates are familiar with most contemporary and legacy Teleprompting software such as CPC, QTV, AutoCue, WinCue, Telescript and ESP.  All of our Associates have fifteen to twenty eight years of industry experience.

Exterior Locations ...
Lawson Media offers sealed generators for 1000 watts of quite power - enough power for our Teleprompter, a preview monitor and a small light.

Is Your Contractor Insured?
It's a tough economy out there.  Unfortunately there are a number of individuals that operate as a "Teleprompter Service" that rent equipment as needed and are uninsured.  This leaves your organization open to litigation and loss in the case of injury or damage. To mitigate against loss, we encourage our clients to ask for a certificate of insurance when assessing your contractor choices.

Lawson Media Charities
Lawson Media has been a long time supporter of the Horatio Alger Association and the Thurgood Marshall Fund of Lake Barcroft.  "The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. bears the name of the renowned author Horatio Alger, Jr., whose tales of overcoming adversity through unyielding perseverance and basic moral principles captivated the public in the late 19th century."  The Thurgood Marshall Fund of Lake Barcroft is a memorial scholarship dedicated to the life of Justice Thurgood Marshall and his work to open the doors of an education to all who would apply.  Both organizations are 501(c) (3) nonprofit educational organizations.  We would like to invite our friends and clients to visit and learn more about these organizations.

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Lawson Media Production Services was established in 2000 as a
presentation support company that specializes in providing
Teleprompter and PowerPoint services.  Based in Northern
Virginia, our team has been serving the Richmond, Baltimore and
Washington, D.C. Metropolitan regions for over 25 years. 
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When paired with Autocue teleprompting software, the Avid iNews newsroom system provides an integrated newsroom operations environment between reporters, writers, production staff and the teleprompter technician. As script changes are saved to the iNews server, updates are automatically linked to the Runorder in the Autocue Teleprompting software.
Lawson Media offers
iNews Trained Technicians.
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